The Dental Spa, led by a skilled dentist and dedicated team, specializes in crafting beautiful smiles and maintaining oral health with precision.
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Explore our procedures for a variety of treatments designed to enhance your smile and maintain oral health.

Crowns or Veneers

Porcelain crowns and veneers are indicated where teeth are fractured, crooked, stained and warned down over time.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small screw made out of titanium. This is used to replace a single missing tooth or teeth.

Smile Makeover

It consists of various treatments e.g. veneers, crowns, bridge work, implants, root canal, teeth whitening…

Botox & Fillers

Botox works by relaxing muscles, while dermal fillers add volume beneath the skin, both aiming to smooth wrinkles.

General Dentistry

Tooth-colored fillings and root canals, treat cavities and damaged nerves, respectively.

Teeth Whitening

The effective ingredient, carbonite peroxide releases active oxygen into the tooth where it gently brightens discoloring pigments.


Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

Oral Hygiene

Bi-annual reviews and control by the Oral Hygienist are essential for managing healthy teeth and gum disease.

Kids Dentistry

Regular check-ups for babies and toddlers are crucial. Early detection and treatment can avoid extensive treatment later.


Orthodontic treatments, with various appliances and methods, enhance aesthetics and function.


Dentures replace lost teeth, typically made of acrylic with metal frame options.

Dental Phobia & In Chair Sedation

Dental procedures can cause anxiety. Options like pre-meds, in-chair sedation, can help.

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Visit our branches in Pretoria and Struisbaai for comprehensive dental care in convenient locations, ensuring your oral health needs are met.

About Us

Dr. Walter Reynecke, BSc, BCh.D, graduated in dentistry from the University of Pretoria in 1997. His passion for cosmetic dentistry emerged during his studies, where he developed his special interest in cosmetic dentistry, implant surgery and facial aesthetics. Dr. Reynecke's career has taken him both nationally and internationally.
What is said about us


Ek kan The Dental Spa sterk aanbeveel vir enige iemand!

Dit is vir my regtig lekker en ‘n voorreg om deel te wees van een van die pasiënte van die groep by The Dental Spa! Vandat ek die mense by The Dental Spa ontmoet het, en veral Dr. Walter Reynecke wat met my tande werk, is ek nie meer so bang om te gaan vir my ondersoeke en om werk te laat doen nie. Die span by The Dental Spa is regtig uiters professioneel en dis lekker om daar te gaan kuier. Walter laat my op my gemak voel en ek voel veilig in sy bekwame hande! Ek kan The Dental Spa regtig sterk aanbeveel vir enige iemand!

Bok Van Blerk
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart

Good morning Dr Walter I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, the matric farewell and the photos shoot we did at Rovos Rail to say thank you to Jacaranda and the good morning angels meant so much for our family. It brought us all little closer together and what this means for my sister is beyond words, my sister smiles more, she is more vibrant and more alive. She had more energy and more confidence. I will be sending emails to Jacaranda, Cheese Photo Company and Rovos Rail as well to say thank you to everyone who helped and assisted where they could.

Rudi Oosthuizen
Dankie vir die profesionele hulp met my tande.

Enige vriendelike gesig het ‘n gesonde smile nodig! Dankie dokter Walter vir myne.Dankie vir die profesionele hulp met my tande.Dokter Walter werk met die beste, jongste tegnologie in tandeelkunde en ek besef nou eers hoe goed ‘n tandarts kan wees. Thx!!  My tande is witter as ‘n Pikkewyn sin…ek voel soos happy teeth.

Jakkie Louw
Thank you for changing Angelique’s life!

Dear Dr. Walter, Good Morning Angels Team and Rudi and thank you for making me part of something so special. As a photographer, the confidence of the model is key… and if they feel unsure about their looks, especially their teeth – they do not smile and then my photos look bad…I have never seen a girl sparkle like this in front of the camera – and that is thanks to your brilliant work Dr. Walter and Good Morning Angel’s kind hearts.Keep up the good work!

Liezel Britz
His team have given me that pride in my smile.

From the first day I walked through the doors of The Dental Spa, I was welcomed as a first class passenger on a flight to healthy teeth and gums. I noticed that this was standard procedure for every patient. Due to my career I smile a lot and I need to feel relaxed and confident in doing so. Dr. Walter Reynecke and his team have given me that pride in my smile. Boonop laat julle my voel soos deel van jul familie! Baie dankie daarvoor!